Welcome to Impala Africa Ltd, a trading arm of Impala Group of Companies Located in Nairobi Kenya.

It consists of three Product groups Impala Greens, Impala Fittings & Impala Paper.

Impala Africa was established as a platform for horizontal growth resultant of Impala Glass Industries Ltd, a company which has been leading in participating in the construction sector of Kenya and the East African region. Since its inception, Impala Africa has developed a strong presence in the marketplace across different sectors, from trading to agricultural exports to engineering and takes pride in contributing to Kenya’s remarkable growth as a leading Kenyan business house.

Impala Africa’s core values and mission are based on ethical business dealings and generating profits for growth year on year. Its management team is driven by the following:

  • a) To be the leading supplier of products and solutions
  • b) To conduct business in an honest, faithful and positive way to continue to be a trustworthy brand
  • c) To significantly contribute to the development of Kenya and Kenyan Infrastructure, for the prosperity of Kenyans.

We here at Impala Africa pride ourselves in investing in the future of Kenya, and as a consequence, have quite a few exciting business initiatives in the pipeline.

Building on the principle of strong growth and sustainability, the Impala Africa Group of Companies envisages consistent in-house development along with a focus on customer satisfaction, in the coming years.

Thank you for visiting Impala Africa Ltd and for more information, please visit our above websites.